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February 08, 2011



Hi Mr. Scarborough,

Read the front-page article about you in the CSUDH Bulletin yesterday. Your output as a writer is astounding. I know you are extremely busy, but I was a bit unsure about a statement in the article. Have you published 2,000 pieces in 15 years, or have you published in "more than 2,000 publication"? The latter would mean that you've published at minimum 2,000 pieces, and it's hard to fathom that there would be 2,000 publications out there for you to publish in, but it's possible! I would like to know which way to interpret the statement. It's a jaw-droppingly impressive statement either way, though! I love the new library and had no idea about the Picture Cultural Gallery. I am going to check out the link and see if it's open right after I finish writing this.

It was a great article.



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